Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Class Act

Last evening, I attended a booksigning for Linda Lael Miller at Beth Anne's Book Corner in Colorado Springs. My daughter, Bonnie, went with me. She adores Beth Anne and knew she could score a STAR TREK novel out of Mom. Beth Anne did well in finding her one with a cover featuring both Captain Kirk and Spock.

After Linda Lael Miller and I caught up a bit on how long it had been since we've seen each other--we decided it was the DC RWA conference in 2000--she signed her new release for me. Then Bonnie immediately handed her the STAR TREK novel to sign.

Linda didn't miss a beat. She looked at me with a big smile. I said, "Go for it." She signed it--what else?--Captain Kirk! Bonnie is very proud of her autographed book.

LLM is a class act. The book is a keeper, and so is Princess Bonnie.

In case you're wondering, I finished THE GIFT by deadline, so it is still scheduled for November 2009. I'll post cover art when it becomes available. Woo-hoo! And big whew....

Happy reading!



  1. It must have been wonderful to catch up with an old friend.

    So wonderful she signed Bonnie's book too.

    Congratulations on completing The Gift.

  2. Woo! Woo! THE GIFT is on it's way, Bonnie has a new treasure and you are now on a whole new journey.

    Indulge in your favorite decadence.