Sunday, March 8, 2009

What Are You Reading?

READ is a discussion list started in 1998 by myself and a handful of other authors and readers who wanted a friendly online venue to interact. It's grown over the years into a real community. One of the readers came up with the acronym:

Another reader on the list--the amazing Carol Carter--designed the logo you see here in needlepoint. She created a beautiful book cover with the logo on it as well for yours truly--AKA READ Mom. :)

READ is a friendly list--not one for trashing books, though we do give honest opinions about what we like and/or dislike. Those familiar with the romance writing world will understand the meaning of the phrase "RWA free zone." We ask those wanting to promote writers' only events, where there is nothing of particular interest or benefit to readers, to ask permission first, or to post only a link to the online information. Why? Because READ is primarily a readers' list. There are hundreds of writers' lists online. We certainly don't need another one.

READ's friendliness is the key to its appeal. Click on the logo to join us, and let us know what you're reading. Who knows? The author might be on the list already, waiting to answer your burning questions....

Happy reading!


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