Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sweet & Sassy

Nothing sweeter than a sleeping princess all content and perfect.

And Princess Bonnie got to see the Wiggles for the third year in a row last night. She'll never outgrow this, so it's becoming an annual tradition. Now she expects me to make new T-shirts for them every year. I figure the cost of the tickets plus the T-shirts are worth the trade-off of bribing her sister and brother-in-law to take her instead of me. :) I think they had fun. Don't you?

And today I received the galley/page proofs of THE GIFT, just as I was really starting to make progress on my new proposal. Alas, first things first.

Baby, it's cold outside--at least for the end of July. We've had lows in the upper 40s and our high today was 55! Brrrr... Rainy, too. Nice change.

Happy reading, all.


1 comment:

  1. How fun for all of them. I'm sure Princess Bonnie makes a wonderful auntie. And just think, when Belle grows up, she can hear how she saw the Wiggles movie when she was just a wee lass. With our oldest son, we set him in front of the TV so we could one day tell him that he "watched" the first man walk on the moon.
    Love the picture too.
    Janet Elaine Smith