Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Quantum Leap!


Deb Stover is finally reissuing some of her in-demand backlist in digital format.  The first one to see rebirth is her award-winning 1996 time travel, A WILLING SPIRIT.  It now sports an appropriately humorous cover with her late husband as the cover model, wearing his memorable crooked grin.  You can find A WILLING SPIRIT now at Amazon (ASIN B004EHZTTW) <>.  Deb is working toward making it available for other digital readers as well.  Free Kindle readers are available for those who don't own a Kindle.  And if you really want a mass market copy of this book, Beth Anne's Book Corner in Colorado Springs ( still has some in her "safe."

After the holidays, she will work on the resurrection of Some Like it Hotter, AKA "Dirty Harry Meets Scarlett O'Hara."


Some things just can't be explained.  Winnie Sinclair can't explain how she ended up in an Oklahoma thunderstorm making wild love to Paul Weathers, her ex-husband's divorce attorney.  And she certainly can't explain how that same storm swept her back to 1896 Indian Territory.  And now barracuda lawyer believes he's a U.S. Marshal.  He looks like Paul, but gone are the three-piece suits and the expensive haircut, replaced by a pair of Remingtons and a Stetson. 

Two men, one body, one woman...and no one understands the meaning of the word "compromise..."

What Reviewers Said in 1996!

"Clever...original...thoughtful, quick-witted..."
~ Publishers Weekly

"Sassy, snappy, sexy...the genre's newest star." 4 1/2 Stars, Top Pick!
 ~Jill Smith,  Romantic Times Magazine  (that's what it was called then :-))

"Wildly funny, romantic and totally ingenious!"
 ~ The Literary Times 

"Five Gold Stars! This is totally original...incomparable. Creativity, thy name is Deb Stover!"
 ~ Heartland Critiques

"Five Bells!!! A hotter-than-a-pistol story you have to read to believe!"
 ~ Donita Lawrence, Bell, Book and Candle Bookstore
 1995 Steffie Walker Bookseller of the Year

"Deb Stover weaves magic. This book will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love...delicious, charming, exciting and heart-wrenching..."
 ~ Trish Jensen,  Pen and Mouse

"Fast, fun and fiery hot!"
 ~  New York Times bestselling author, Suzanne Forster

"Scintillatingly superb..." 4 1/2 Stars
 ~ Affaire de Coeur

"One of the quirkiest, sexiest, funniest time-travels I've ever read."
 ~ New York Times bestselling author, Anne Stuart

"Provocative, teeming with fresh and distinctive characters that spring from the pages into your heart. A wonderful tale packed with action, adventure, and a sizzling romance that ignites the pages. This one is a treasure to savor many times."
~ Rendezvous

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