Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Circle of Life

Every May 14th, I prepare for a big sulk.  All my friends and family prepare, too.  They either send me hugs or run and hide.  :)  Seriously, it's the anniversary of my husband's death from cancer in 2005, which was a very traumatic experience for our family.

I have now realized that he or Fate or some higher power has determined that I shall not be allowed to sulk any longer.  That's probably a Good Thing.  Last year on May 14th, my beautiful niece married her Prince Charming.  It was a wonderful wedding.

This year, my second granddaughter, Eliza Judith Carr, came into this world just before dawn on May 14th.  She's perfect and beautiful and a shining tribute to her grandfather's memory.

So now instead of sulking on May 14th, I will be celebrating my granddaughter's birthday.  I'm confident her Grandpa is somewhere giving her a big thumbs-up.  :)

Welcome to the family.

Grandma Deb


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