Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Isn't it telling that the Democratic Party is honoring Senator McCain instead of his own? He may have crossed the aisle a few times--McCain/Feingold most famously--but he has always been a hardcore Republican and conservative. He's also been what I consider a hawk and a war monger. Let us not forget the "Bomb, bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran" ditty he sang at one of his campaign rallies during the 2008 election to the tune of a Beach Boys' song. And he brought Sarah Palin into the National spotlight, which was downright criminal, IMHO.

But he was also a Vietnam veteran, a former POW--vilified by our current POTUS, Cadet Bonespurs. He has served his country honorably in the US Senate for DECADES, and did so with honor and selflessness. I don't recall any big scandals from his office--only dedication and hard work. 

His own party has turned on him, because he remained loyal to his country and the Constitution. As a tortured POW in Vietnam, he rightfully and vigorously opposed GW and Cheney regarding the use of torture at Guantanamo after 9/11. He stood up against #45 when he attempted to take medical care away from millions of Americans by dismantling the Affordable Care Act without a viable replacement.

You may recall that Senator Robert Dole behaved in a similar manner toward the end of his career, and went to the Senate floor in a wheelchair to plead cooperation between parties. He was ignored by his own. 

The far right leaning of the inhumane Christian Taliban, Russian backed GOP has become the American Fascist Party. I don't know what else to think of it. They don't even respect their own elder statesmen. 

That disgusts me.

So the Democratic Party steps forward, crosses the aisle, and honors the elder GOP statesmen the reThuglicans have turned their backs on. It isn't because those elder statesmen became Democrats or worked with our party. It's because they served their nation honorably and deserve our respect.

This is one of the major--MAJOR--differences between our parties. Michelle Obama put it best. She said, "When they go low, we go high." 

Here we go again. We snowflakes, liberals, progressives and Democrats will honor even the Republicans who served our country. 

We have hearts, thinking minds, class, a good sense of right and wrong--sigh--and believe in the principles our Forefathers established for our nation. Let us honor those for Senator John McCain and all those who serve our country well, regardless of their party affiliation. 

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