Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Bella has Arrived!

I am a grandmother for the first time as of May 22nd, 2009 at 1:03 PM. My daughter, Barbi, gave birth at home. She had a very long, difficult labor, but she was a real trouper. All those years of ballet really paid off, I'm sure.

Please welcome Annabella Debra Carr. She's perfect, of course. :)

I know her Grandpa is watching over her, and that she'll grow up with his gift for mischief. :) I'll see to it.... ;-)

Proud Granny


  1. Bella is a real cutie. Congratulations, Grandma!
    - Beth

  2. She is absulutely lovely.

    She is only a day late from the day I wished she had been born on. I was hoping for something spectacular to happen on that day. Oh well :::sigh:::

    I'm only sorry Barbi had a difficult labor but thrilled that all turned out well for mom and baby.

    I had a rare condition (forget what they called it), I was in labor with Amber for 41 hours and Chance for 20. If I had one more, I would have had what is considered a normal delivery :).

    The scales were balanced in the end. I only had to push three times with Amber and seven with Chance ;)

    Congratulations Grandma, she really is a big, beautiful baby :))