Monday, July 6, 2009

First Review for THE GIFT

"This story had me totally absorbed. Several times I was so engrossed that when I heard a noise, I nearly jumped out of my skin. This book is vintage Deb Stover! I hope against hope that the next book will be Sam's. I'm sure he has quite a story to tell! For those readers who enjoy a tortured heroine, a hot cowboy rancher and a bit of woo woo in their stories, I suggest you run to your nearest bookstore when this one comes out and grab it up! Be forewarned, have plenty of time to read because you won't want to stop until you turn the last page!"
~Kathy Boswell, FRESH FICTION


  1. Blast it all!!! I've got to wait - of course in October, I'll have reading time, so maybe it's all good.

  2. Congratulations on the great review!

    Pat Cochran

  3. Thank you! I'm so relieved, since I haven't had a full-length release since before my husband died. Of course, it's exciting to be "back in the saddle" too.

    Happy reading!


  4. Looking forward to reading it, Deb. Congratulations on the great review!


  5. Congratulations! Sounds great!