Friday, July 31, 2009

PROMO: I'm Baaaaack!

As many of you know, The Gift is the book I sold while my husband was dying from cancer. I am delighted to have finally completed it, and have it scheduled for November 2009! Early reviews are encouraging--hurray and whew!--and the cover art is stunning. I could not be more pleased. I must say I have the most patient editor and agent in the world!

My favorite bookseller has arranged to take advance orders for autographed copies, if you're so inclined. As an aside, she also has some of my backlist, if there's something you missed. Here is her info:

Pre-Order an autographed copy of The Gift now from:

Beth Anne's Book Corner
1532 North Circle
Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 471-7545

Thank you all for your patience. I hope you find The Gift worth the wait. I'm currently working on a proposal titled The Secret, which will be a sequel.

Happy reading!


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  1. Warm congrats on the completion of THE GIFT and the great early reviews!