Saturday, July 25, 2009

Summer Days

The garden is growing, flowers are blooming. My gentleman friend does the gardening here (and takes the beautiful photos), and we've been eating fresh lettuce, peas and such for weeks. I watch the tomatoes eagerly, hoping to see some color, but they ripen slowly at 7,436 feet. In fact, for years I only grew green ones, until I discovered the magic of Epsom Salts. Adding that magic to the soil, then using it to spray on the plants and put in the water later in the season helps the fruit ripen. Hurray! It really works wonderfully. I also have a greenhouse, which lengthens our very short growing season a little, too.

And Baby Bella is growing, too. I took this photo with my phone yesterday while she was visiting with her mom. At 9 weeks, she weighs almost 13 pounds. Her eyes are turning bluer like her mom's, and she is cooing and "talking." In fact, she was "talking" to me when I snapped this photo.

Everything is growing, including my proposal. After a couple of false starts, I've finally fleshed out the plot and should be sending it off to my agent soon. My working title is The Secret, and it is a sequel to my November release, The Gift.

Of course, Baby Bella is a true gift.

Happy reading and gardening, wherever you live.


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  1. What a gorgeous baby! And Epsom salts? Who knew?! I'm dying for my tomatoes to hurry up and turn red. Think I'll have to hit the drug store.