Friday, September 9, 2011

Return to Ireland with The Mulligans

MULLIGAN STEW and MULLIGAN MAGIC are now available in digital format with beautiful new covers.  These are two of my favorite books--readers and reviewers seem to agree.


"Take a down-home Tennessee single mom who's astonished to learn the man she thought abandoned her has actually bequeathed her a share of an Irish castle, and you have the makings of a rollicking tale that's as tasty as the title."
 ~ BookPage

"Deb Stover just took flight on wings of magic and landed in Ireland in a pot of Mulligan Stew hot enough to singe your eyebrows off with her extraordinary characters that jump off the pages into your heart. This book has everything necessary to keep you flipping the pages because from the moment you meet Bridget and Riley you know there are other forces at work to bring them together to break the curse on the Black Castle that has stood vacant for l00 years. I highly recommend this book." ~ Suzanne Coleburn, Reader to Reader

4 1/2 Stars! A Romantic Times "Top Pick"
"Utilizing the same magic that made her historical/time travel novels such a delight, author Deb Stover brings emotional depth and passion to this terrific contemporary tale. As a writer, Deb Stover has a unique style and voice that are a pleasure to read in any genre."

"Deb Stover writes with a stunning beauty and wry wit that resonates throughout all of her novels, but never so profoundly as with Mulligan Stew. Like the stew for which it is named, this novel offers something for everyone's taste in this artful blend of Irish contemporary romance, an ancient curse, a haunted castle, gothic overtones and the struggle to reconcile the past with the present. Characters are vividly realized from the heroine who will kick another woman in the shins for hurting her child's feelings, to the hero who cannot forget the dead brother he loved so deeply. Stover creates a poignant tale of loss, healing and recreation that will linger long after the last page is turned. Yet another Stover novel to add your keeper shelf, Mulligan Stew earns the WordWeaving Award for Excellence." 
~ Cindy Penn, WordWeaving

"Deb Stover has taken a delightful heroine, a tortured hero, a whispering castle, stirred in an ancient curse for spice and served up a deliciously rich, warm Irish stew." 
~ Bestselling Author, JoAnn Ross

"Humor, passion and the warmth of family fill the pages of Mulligan Stew, drawing the reader into a magical place of possibilities and the wonderful healing power of love. Deb Stover has created a captivating tale grounded in the basic tenets of life... nothing is more powerful than family and the love of two hearts joined together. I highly recommend Mulligan Stew for a hearty dish of romance and passion." 
~ Terrie Figueroa, Romance Reviews Today

"I read this book in a matter of hours. It drew me in from the prologue to the very last satisfying page. Not only was this book sensual from the get-go but the charming heroine with her Southern twang added just the right amount of comic relief when it was most needed. Add all this to a dark gothic-like castle with a curse attached to it, and you have a not to be put down, must read book!" 
~ Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews

"Author Deb Stover spiced up this romance novel with just a dash of magic. At times I felt as if the past and the present were one and the same. I found it delightful to see a strong modern heroine in the haunting setting of a gothic tale, taming a stubborn man who fit the dark setting so well. Somehow the author was able to put it all together while showing the reader how breathtakingly beautiful Ireland really is. Highly recommended! Five stars!" 
~ Huntress Book Reviews

"A recipe for romance--star-crossed lovers, a dark Irish castle, a witch's curse, and a heaping helpin' of destiny. Deb Stover cooks up a satisfying contemporary gothic-style romance, chock full of humor, passion, and mystery. Bon app├ętit." 
~ Leslie Tramposch, PNR Reviews

Raves and Reviews

4 1/2 Stars -- A Romantic Times Top Pick!!!!

"The mystery & magic of the Mulligan family is back in Mulligan Magic, the sequel to Mulligan Stew. In this enchanting tale enduring love, revenge, suspense and the paranormal all mesh into a richly rewarding reading experience. Ms. Stover is a purveyor of magic." ~Romantic Times Book Club

"Mulligan Magic is a marvelous tale of reincarnation, magic, wildly romantic characters and downright fabulous storytelling by the incomparable Deb Stover, a woman who delivers the best on a regular schedule. Awesome!" ~ Suzanne Coleburn, Reader To Reader

"Five Stars! This is a great book!"
~Affaire de Coeur

"Wow! If you enjoyed Mulligan Stew you will love Mulligan Magic. This story is a heady blend of romance, suspense, and intrigue. As with Bridget and Riley, Nick and Maggie are soulmates, with all those lovely implications. Paranormal lovers will enjoy learning more about the castle curse and the ghosts of the past, while getting a taste of a modern magick in the bargain. The battle between good and evil will keep you in your seat until the last page is read. All the threads now seem to be wrapped up in a tidy little bow. I highly recommend this gripping magical tale of second chances."
~Leslie Tramposch, PNR Reviews

"A most Bewitching, Beguiling, and Beautiful story of how life can turn itself around and everyone concerned finds the family they each desire. Deb Stover never ceases to amaze me with her FANTASTIC writing! 5 BELLS!!!!!"  ~Donita Lawrence, Bell, Book & Candle

"Mixing together magic and reincarnation in this wonderful tale, Stover mingles the fear of discovery with danger that stands ready to destroy them all in a terrifying conclusion."
~Lucele Coutts, Romance Authors & Readers (ROAR)

“Mulligan Magic sparkles in the Irish mist.”
—JoAnn Ross, USA Today Bestselling author

"Passion, betrayal and an ancient curse blend to create a tale that will delight the reader and capture the heart. I highly recommend Mulligan Magic for a timeless tale of second chances, and of a love powerful enough to last through the centuries."
~Terrie Figueroa, Romance Reviews Today

"Mulligan Magic combines romantic suspense with paranormal elements for an exciting novel readers will treasure. The return of favorite characters provides delightful continuity for fans of the previous novel, but Mulligan Magic sparkles as a stand-alone with Stover's characteristic flair for creating memorable characterizations and a rich Irish landscape."
Cindy Penn, WordWeaving

"Setting a curse causes major consequences. When those consequences spring from the vivid imagination of Deb Stover, readers are guaranteed a spectacular story! BRAVA!"
~Detra Fitch, Huntress Reviews

"Not only was this an absolutely fascinating story but also we got to visit all the beloved characters that we first met in Mulligan Stew. The taste of Ireland is so strong in this book that I devoured it in one gulp. It is my fervent hope that Deb Stover will revisit Ireland over and over again." ~ Kathy Boswell, The Best Reviews