Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Free Book!

Download Another Dawn by Deb Stover Free For Kindle Starting at midnight September 25th Through Midnight September 28th, 2012!!!

Winner of the Dorothy Parker Award of Excellence!

Convicted of a murder he didn't commit at age 18, Luke Nolan has spent his adult life on Death Row. The night of his execution brings Sofie, a beautiful young doctor who will pronounce him dead, and a benevolent priest to his side. When a freak explosion throws him back to another century along with Sofie, who has lost her memory, he sees a chance for a future in the past--Another Dawn he was never meant to see. As long as Sofie never remembers who he is, of course--or does it really matter a century in the past? Even as his feelings for her grow ever stronger than his need to protect her in this strange world...?

"The incredible Deb Stover has done it again. A man with no future. A woman with no past. A chance for love in a town called Redemption. This book will make you laugh out loud, and cry...and want to pick it up and  read it all over again. I loved this book, I loved the honorable, lovable and oh so wounded Luke and the feisty strong and so very wonderful Sofie. This book gets my vote for best book of the year!!" ~Avid reader, Terrie Figueroa

"Only a very talented writer can take a man sentenced to death and turn him into the kind of hero who is not only appealing, but one a reader can actually feel sympathy for. Deb Stover certainly manages to pull off such a hero, and with panache, in Another Dawn. This is an engaging read right from the start. There is emotion, sensuality, action, and intrigue. It packs a powerful anti-death-penalty message, but does so without the sermon. If you like your romance on the intense side with very real-to-life characters, then this may be the book for you."  ~Rebecca Ekmark, All About Romance

"Deb Stover is an original and her time travel romances are unique, clever, intelligent, intriguing and romantic. ANOTHER DAWN is a thinking woman's paranormal romance with twists and turns, thought-provoking ideas and just the right balance of romance and time travel..." ~Kathe Robin (Romantic Times), Top Pick and Nominated for a reviewer's choice award!

"WOW!! ANOTHER DAWN is STUNNING! I wish I'd thought of it first." ~Maggie Shayne, best-selling author

“ANOTHER DAWN is a fantastic time travel romance that keeps the reader hopping and hoping for Luke and Sofie. Ms. Stover does it again with what will be recognized as one of the top tales that will leave many other authors scampering to safer plots."  Five Stars!!  ~Harriet Klausner, Affaire de Coeur

"Powerful, touching, and truly unique to the genre. You haven't read time travel until you've read Deb Stover!"
~Kristina Wright, The Literary Times

"Genius...  Five Stars!" ~Jim Trent, About.com

"Deb Stover has a dynamite book here, the best thing she's written yet. It's wonderful, it's practically flawless, and I'm truly in awe. I knew it when I first set eyes on it." ~Karen Harbaugh, award-winning author

"The time-travel genre belongs to Deb Stover! Nobody does it better! I couldn't put this book down." ~Maggie Osborne, best-selling author

"Another Dawn is gripping and wonderful."  ~JoAnn Ross, New York Times best-selling author

"The intensity of Luke and Sofie's love, and the strength of their passion, transcends the bounds of Time itself. Their love was meant to be, and nothing can keep them apart, not in this time or in any other. The last two chapters, when their fate catches up to them at last, brought tears to my eyes."  ~CompuServe

"Ms. Stover can, and does, make history and romance come forward or backward, and delivers an outstanding story of courage, faith, and timeless love. Fantastic! 5 Bells!!!" ~Donita Lawrence, Bell, Book and Candle

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  1. Just began your book Another Dawn and love it......thanks!!