Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Release!

by Deb Stover
Contemporary Novel of Romantic Fiction

Available for download now at Amazon for Kindle:

"Erotically charged and emotionally heartwarming..." 

Dr. Dolittle meets Northern Exposure....

Gordon closed the door behind her and walked woodenly to the bed.
He wanted to forgive Taylor. Desperately. But he couldn't trust
her. If he allowed himself to trust her, she'd have the power to
hurt him. No matter what, he couldn't give her that power ever

The floor creaked just beyond Gordon's door, and he held his
breath as the doorknob turned. His heart thundered and he wanted
desperately to call out to her.

Slowly, the door opened, and Taylor stood framed by firelight.

"Dear God." His gaze drifted down the length of her, savoring
every inch of bare leg. His body sprang to life even as his mouth
formed the words, "Taylor, don't..."

"I've been lying awake, and I can't stop remembering." She padded
barefoot to his bed. "Look at me, Gordon."

He raised his lashes and met her gaze. Something bright and hot
and dangerous burned in her eyes. "Do you know..."

She put her knee on his bed and cupped his cheek with one hand,
then brought her other knee onto his bed and framed his face with
both hands. "I only know this," she whispered, leaning closer to
cover his mouth with hers.

Gordon held his breath as she pulled him closer, stroking his
lips with her tongue until he growled and wrapped his arms around
her to tug her down on top of him. 

He should hate her. He should fight this.

He couldn't.