Friday, May 24, 2013

Free Beach Reads!

The wonderful Rebecca Paisley and I are both offering free books today and tomorrow for your weekend reading pleasure. Even if you aren't going to the beach...  :)  Frankly, it isn't quite that warm here yet, but it is in some parts of the country.  Here are the titles and links to the free downloads.  Enjoy!

The Barefoot Bride by Rebecca Paisley -- Download Free through 5/25 at midnight!

Another Dawn by Deb Stover -- Download Free through 5/25 at midnight!

A Moment In Time by Deb Stover -- Download Free through 5/25 at midnight!

Always by Deb Stover -- Download Free through 5/25 at midnight!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Better Than Fifty Shades?

Stumbled across this on Twitter. I can live with this. Thank you, Mr. Langford!


Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy Spring!

I blinked and winter became Spring. At least that's what we're hoping here at 7,436 feet above sea level. The first week of May we still had snow. I took the snowy photo below on May Day. After a few days, we blinked and the afternoon high was almost 80! Ah, Springtime in the Rockies... This mid-May weekend's forecast calls for lows in the upper thirties and highs in the upper fifties. Those tomato seedlings will stay indoors a bit longer here. Even with a greenhouse it's too cold outside at night for tomato plants.

I'm still counting on barbecue weather for Memorial weekend.  Wish me luck!  :)

It's time to start thinking about beach reads.  I will have Almost An Angel (published in 1997) ready for reissue by June 1st, and will then turn my attention to editing my very first book (from 1995), Shades Of Rose. In the middle of all this, I'm still working on the proposed sequel to The Gift, tentatively titled The Secret.

I will have a new project included in an anthology titled I Never Thought I'd See You Again (Fiction Studio Books). This anthology provides the perfect vehicle for a story I have wanted--needed--to write for over a decade. Though it is a stand-alone story, the characters were first introduced in my second novel, A Willing Spirit, published in 1996, and now available in digital format. The character of US Marshal Sam Weathers endeared himself to my readers, and to this date I still receive mail asking when I'm going to write Sam's Story. My contribution to I Never Thought I'd See You Again, titled "Play It Again, Sam," is Sam's Story. Finally...  Check my Books Page for a release date and cover art, coming soon.

Happy reading! Happy Spring!  Love, Deb

May Day 2013 In My Neighborhood!

Mother's Day 2013 In My Yard (Photo by Martin Yaslowitz)