Tuesday, February 3, 2015

February 99 Cent Special

A MOMENT IN TIME is the 99 cent special for the month of lovers. This book is part romance, part coming of age, part adventure, part romp, and all fun.

Alone in a Rocky Mountain cabin, hairdresser Jackie Clarke wonders if a bad hair day can get any worse when smooth-talking lover "Blade" makes off with her car, her cash, and her dignity. Just when things can't possibly get any worse, they do. A blizzard strands her in an abandoned ghost town, then a blazing inferno and a lewd painting thrust her back to 1891, where she is mistaken for a a famous saloon singer. When she lands in the arms of a miner with a heart of gold, her bad hair day may become a dream come true. Maybe...

Please share, and you'll find chapter one, reviews, plus links to all online booksellers at http://www.debstover.com/time.html

Happy Valentine's Day!