Saturday, October 22, 2016

What Would Jesus Do?

I find it deeply disturbing that so many devout "Christians" have expressed support for Donald Trump. I actually saw someone quote an article that referred to Trump as "Chosen by God." 
Seriously? A man who has expressed racism, extreme disrespect for women, literally stolen money from working people by refusing to pay them for honest work, told lie after lie after lie (proven!!!!), loves himself more than his neighbor his family or anyone else, created Trump University for the purpose of stealing from students--the list is endless. 
Furthermore, if elected, he will give to the rich and steal from the poor by furthering the GOP platform, which one of these "Christians" referred to as "Biblical." Honestly... 
Let's examine that with this quote from Marilyn Chandler McEntyre, Professor of English at Westmont College, Santa Barbara, California, put it this way in her article “A Voice from the Christian Left.” 
“Many on the Christian Right are fond of posing the question WWJD?-- What would Jesus do? I’d like to remind them what Jesus DID do: He cared for the poor. He did not condemn the woman caught in adultery. He prayed alone. He commanded us to love our enemies. He preached peace. He ate, drank, and lived with ‘tax collectors and sinners’ -- the lowlifes and outcasts of his day, while reserving his condemnation for the religious leaders who, from a place of privilege, imposed their legalism and literalism on the people they were responsible for leading. He told his disciples not to oppose the healing work of those outside the ranks of his followers. And again and again he reminded us to care for the poor. (That moral issue gets more air time than any other in the gospels: 1 verse in 9.) If Christians concerned about how to respond to the grave global issues facing us all were to reread the Gospels for guidance, I think we’d find some pretty clear indications there about what Jesus would do ... and what he wouldn’t. (One of the few bumper stickers I’ve been tempted to affix to my still undecorated car in recent months reads ‘Who would Jesus bomb?’) 
Whatever Jesus would do, given what he did do, and has promised he will do, I don’t think it looks much like what the insulated, self-congratulatory Fox News fans on the ‘Christian Right’ are doing.” 
End of quote. 
In a nutshell, the Jesus I learned about in Sunday School taught us to heal the sick, feed the poor, house the homeless, and that the meek shall inherit the Earth, etc. He taught social justice and inclusiveness--not divisiveness. He was a teacher, so he obviously believed in education. Oh, and he was a tradesman, too--a carpenter--so he supported labor.
The Republican Party wants to privatize Social Security, which means taking this EARNED BENEFIT--it is not an entitlement--and put it into the hands of greedy Wall Street gamblers. Anything for a profit. Just look what privatization of prisons did for that system!
Some things should not be privatized!!!! Our medical care is inefficient and overpriced BECAUSE it is privatized. We need universal public healthcare for all. Remove greed and profit.
Police, military, education, fire protection, etc., should never be privatized, nor should Social Security, VA or Medicare.
The "Christian" right voter is a single issue voter. IMHO, in order to stack the SCOTUS against Roe v Wade, they are willing to throw this entire nation under the bus. To hell with peace, healthcare, the elderly, the disabled and everybody else. To hell with Planet Earth, too, because that's what your blessed Trump plans--to eliminate all regulations from the EPA that have reversed the horrible pollution of the 1960s, and just MIGHT save our planet from extinction.
Seriously...? One issue? Throw away everything for your so-called "right-to-life?" Oh, but it's only life until birth the GOP way. As long as they don't have to feed, clothe, educate or house that child after they force it into this world. Let's not forget that....
Trump is NOT chosen by God. Jesus would NOT vote for him. 
Jesus would be a member of today's Democratic Party and he would vote Blue. And he would have voted for Bernie Sanders in the primary, but he would stand with Hillary in the general election to protect the Poor, the Sick, the Disabled, the Homeless, etc.
And so will I. So should anyone else who has the nerve to call themselves a "Christian...."