Friday, November 3, 2017

Fun new interview at The Heroine's Journey you might enjoy. :)

Hope you're all having a wonderful Autumn and getting ready for Thanksgiving. It's my favorite time of year. :)

Cover reveal! I am finishing up edits on a Romantic Mystery now, which I hope to make available to you by year's end. :) Love the cover. Don't you? I wrote this originally as a novel, then cut it way back and the Amazing Martin H. Greenberg released it in MURDER MOST ROMANTIC as a novelette. Now I'm adding back in everything I cut--and then some--to restore it to a novel. It was a mess at first, but it's falling together now, so I had the amazing Dar Albert of create this cover to keep me motivated. Wow! She really caught the concept, so I'm still at it. Thanks, Dar! It could not be more perfect. I'll keep plugging away at this and let you know when it's ready for public consumption. Hope you enjoy this time travel back to 1948. I sure had fun with the research.

Happy reading!


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