Wednesday, May 26, 2010

View from Here

I often post images of the amazing snow up here at almost 7,500 feet. We had a big snow the last day of summer and the first day of spring--and several since, I might add. We haven't seen any flakes for a couple of weeks now, so we're counting our blessings, and the pollen now. Even seeing a few blossoms here and there. So I thought it was only fair to share the view from my office window that greets me each morning when it isn't covered with snow. Even I have to admit you should be jealous. :) In the evening, I can sit on my deck and look to the east to see twinkling lights in the towns and cities below. It's pretty spectacular.

FYI, the old Queen Anne mansion you see in the photos is utterly gorgeous and it's for sale. If I had a few million lying around, I'd snatch it up. The estate is called Estemere.

Happy reading and writing!

~Deb, writing in the Rockies

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