Thursday, April 14, 2011

April 15th

A question I'm often asked when interviewed is why I write Romance.  Well, I was raised by a real hero, and I married one.  Neither one of them ever let me down. 

April 15th is my birthday.  Yes, traditional income tax day, the day the TITANIC sank, and the day Abraham Lincoln died, etc.  I want to go on record that Lincoln was actually shot on the 14th, and the TITANIC struck the iceberg on the 14th.  Okay...?  Just saying...

But April 15th is D-day--the sinking, the dying, the taxes, my birthday, and--just to be consistent--also the day my late husband and I learned his cancer was definitely terminal.  No wonder I always get depressed on my birthday!

Hey, at least it's an easy date to remember.  Right? 

People always ask what I want for a gift, and I always say, "Nothing, thanks."  If they persist, I say, "Just a card."  They think I'm kidding.  I'm not. 

I'm a writer and a reader.  Words mean a lot to me.  If you're here reading my blog, they obviously mean a lot to you, too.

My mom died in 1997.  She's the one who taught me to love reading, and my dad taught me to love history and research.  Mom always went to great pains to pick out meaningful cards for family members for every special occasion. 

Dad has carried on her tradition of sending cards that really mean something, and they never fail to make me cry.  ::sigh::  In fact, I know he takes extra care since Mom died, and also--I think--since my husband lost his heroic battle with cancer in 2005.

There's no question about why my dad is still my hero.  Is there? 

This year's birthday card arrived in today's mail (the day before my infamous birthday) and reads as follows:

Daughter, You are always in my heart...

I want you to know
that I love you
every bit as much today
as the day you were born.
And though I may not
hold you in my arms
the way I did then,
I always hold you safely
in my thoughts
and in my heart.
Love, Dad


Well, it doesn't get any better than that.  Does it?  Where are my tissues?

So, when someone tells you they want a card for their birthday, please bear in mind that they may really mean it....

Happy reading.

My 3rd birthday with my mom and little brother.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Some Like It Hotter back on Kindle

It's alive again at Amazon Kindle as of today!  Thanks for your patience.

"Natchez detective, Mike Faricy, is living a nightmare. First, his partner and best friend is killed in a shootout. Then a strange man appears at the precise moment Mike offers to sell his soul in exchange for his partner's life. Before Mike can blink, the man promises him the chance to change June 19th, the day before the killing. Who can blame him for at least trying? But he should have read the fine print. Now Mike is facing Abigail Kingsley--a knockout woman in Civil War-era garb who insists it is June 19th, all right...1865! A man out of time. A woman out of options. Time-travel Romance at its very best!"

Dirty Harry meets Scarlett O'Hara and there's hell to pay....

           They stood facing each other beneath the stars, and Abigail wondered if these feelings were the sort of thing poets knew when they penned beautiful, heartrending words.  She felt so strange, as if she and Mike were no longer of this world.  They were with the stars, suspended apart from pain and reality.
           His breathing grew louder and mingled with her own as the seconds ticked by.  Though he still hadn't touched her, she felt him, felt a power emanating from him and into her.  An invisible bond spanned the distance between them, drawing her to him unlike anything she'd ever known or even dreamed of.
           She could almost see it--this magical force that drew her to him.  Her insides ached and throbbed, empty and weeping for him.  "Mike."  His name was barely more than a strangled whisper, torn from her lips by desperation and a need so raw and fierce she felt she might die from it.
           Then he touched her.

A Few Reviewers' Comments:

"Fun, fast-paced, sexy...sizzling passion...a terrific read."
~ Best-selling author, Kristin Hannah

"An exciting page-turner from a talented author. In addition to suspense, romance, and  humor, this book has a heart of pure gold."
~ Best-selling author, Susan Wiggs
        "EXTRAORDINARY!  Deb Stover is a master dream-spinner!  A haunting, heart-wrenching, utterly beautiful example of time travel romance at its very best!"
~ Best-selling author, Maggie Shayne
"5 Stars!  A tremendous time travel romance...brilliantly crafted...great work from a rising star!"
Affaire de Coeur

 "With a number of wonderful surprises and startling revelations, Some Like it Hotter sets 
 Ms. Stover apart. She is truly an original writer of remarkable talents and you'll be delighted with her sexy, creative, humorous and poignant trip back in time!"  
Romantic Times Book Club

 "Truly one does it better!!"
~Donita Lawrence, Bell, Book & Candle -- RWA Bookseller of the Year, 1995

SOME LIKE IT HOTTER won a few awards when it was released:

The Heart of Romance Readers' Choice Award for Best Paranormal.

Affaire de Coeur's annual Reader Favorite Poll (from 1997): 
Best Time Travel:  Some Like it Hotter by Deb Stover 
Best Supernatural Romance:  Almost An Angel by Deb Stover 
Favorite Author: Deb Stover 
Romance Novel of the Year!  Some Like It Hotter by Deb Stover

Friday, April 8, 2011

Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iBooks?

Some of you may have noticed that A Willing Spirit and Some Like It Hotter have not been available at Amazon for a couple of weeks.  That's because I pulled them and am in the process of making them available for all e-readers.  They went live at Barnes & Noble for the Nook today!  They're processing at Amazon for the Kindle, at Kobo for the Sony Reader, and will also be available at Apple for iBooks. I will update you with those links as they go live, and you can always check my website for the most recent information.

The Gift remains available for all readers, and I am working making arrangements to reissue my very first book, Shades Of Rose, with a stunning new cover. 

Happy reading!