Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hero's Name

As some of you may recall, the hero in my novel, SOME LIKE IT HOTTER, is named Mike Faricy.  Well, I met a real Mike Faricy at a conference some years ago, when he came in and demanded why I had written a book about him.  After I assured him it was purely coincidental, he left happy with an autographed book.  :)  Since then, I've met yet another Mike Faricy, who is also an author in his own right.  He said anytime someone googles his books, they end up finding my SOME LIKE IT HOTTER instead of him.  So I've vowed to help readers find his books, too.  :)

Here's a link to a recent interview with him: 

He lives part of the year stateside, and part in Ireland, and we've become Facebook penpals.  He seems like a stand-up guy, and certainly has a good sense of humor.  I even mentioned that I could change the hero's name when I reissued SLIH, but he nixed that idea.

Perhaps he likes being the hero of a romance novel, fighting against evil--AKA Slick Dawson--or he just wants to spend more time with the heroine, Abigail Kingsley.  :-)

As my late husband always said, whatever works. ;-)

SOME LIKE IT HOTTER is now available for Kindle, Kobo, Sony, Nook, and--soon--iBooks.  So is A WILLING SPIRIT, and SHADES OF ROSE will be very soon.  Check my website for details.

Happy Reading!