Friday, February 17, 2012

No Place For A Lady

No  Place For A Lady is back in print--digitally speaking.  This book is available on Amazon now, and will show up at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, etc. as well.  Check my website for those links.  This book is a historical romance set in 1888 Colorado, in what is now Rocky Mountain National Park.  The research was a lot of fun.  :)  There is still an excerpt at my website here, along with the original cover, which is still my favorite.

Happy reading!

No Place For A Lady by Deb Stover

"With her trademark originality, Deb Stover delivers another winner. No Place For A Lady will hold readers spellbound with swift action, riveting drama, and of course a romance to sigh for." 
~New York Times Best-selling Author Susan Wiggs

"Filled with warm and loving characters, and enough sexual electricity to power California." 
~Terrie Figueroa, Romance Reviews Today

"This is Deb Stover at her very best! This story has it all - action, adventure, mystery and most of all not one but several romances intertwined in this most amazing book. Oh, and the love scenes just sizzle!" 
~Kathy Boswell, The Best  Reviews

"This tale is one frolicking adventure after another. If you’re not laughing, you’re weeping. Ms. Stover has penned a remarkable journey that will leave its mark upon your heart." 
~Old Book Barn Gazette  

"Dirk is one hero who will bring back the hope in your heart simply because he has the biggest heart in the world. Don't miss this extraordinary story. Ms. Stover once again brings in another FANTASTIC read!!!
5 Bells!!!" 
~Donita  Lawrence, Bell, Book, & Candle

"Stover is a writer of graceful imagination and intense passion, creating masterful work romance lovers will find enchanting. Sexy and irresistible, NO PLACE FOR A LADY comes very highly recommended." ~Cindy  Penn, WordWeaving

"A riveting, fast-paced historical romance from an author who knows how to dream up stories to touch the heart. Ms. Stover pits a hot tempered, endearing heroine against an honorable, sexy hero and lets the sparks fly. She then surrounds them with lively characters, an exciting plot, lots of surprises, and hot passionate love scenes. This book is impossible to put down and the characters hard to forget. Do not pass this one up." 

"I got a Rocky Mountain High after reading Deb Stover’s NO PLACE FOR A LADY. It’s fresh, exciting and has more twists and turns and surprises than a rattlesnake. Expect not one but three romances. Oh boy! It’s a humdinger of a story you never want to end." 
~Suzanne Coleburn, Belles and Beaux of Romance