Thursday, February 21, 2013

Four Freebies!

It's snowing like crazy here in Colorado, but that's okay since we need the moisture and I have a deadline.  That means I have no choice but to stay home. :)

Beginning at 12:01 AM tomorrow--okay, a bit after midnight tonight, I guess--I will have 4 books free at Kindle.  One title--MULLIGAN STEW--will be free at both Kindle and iBooks.  You'll find info and links at .

Oh, about that deadline....  To those of you who have been badgering--yes, you have--me for more than a decade to write US Marshal Sam Weathers into his own story, that's what I'm doing.  It's a novella, but he is the hero.  The title is "Play It Again, Sam," and it will be included in the next Novelist Inc anthology.  Stay tuned for more details.

Meanwhile, here's the blurb about the freebies, if you want to share.  Go for it.

12:01 AM Feb 22-midnight Feb 26, award-winning author @debstover offers 4 titles FREE! Details & links at Dare to read "The Galileo of Romance!"

Happy reading!

I think that groundhog was wearing sunglasses....


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